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If you haven't already, please bump the Kingdom CoE forum post as part of this process to get a Citizens tag. Click here to bump the Kingdom of Lor Voskara CoE forum post tastefully. Please refrain from just saying 'bump'.

In regards to the Caste system, please refer to this link for more details.

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Why the caste system: Based loosely on Georges Dumézil's trifunctional hypothesis, Lor Voskara's caste system attempts to clearly define what each member of the kingdom is doing and creates a familiar ‘role’ that citizens would be comfortable with in a more traditional MMO. It also helps identify gaps or needs for the kingdom and provides opportunity for citizens to become involved or connect with services they require – strengthening the community as a whole. The caste system is not restrictive and any lore surrounding it is just to provide flavour. Functionally a citizen can change their caste at any stage they wish. If you are still unsure, please refer to the link that is in the description above this form.